Learn with Meg

Learn about Music from Meg

You can boost your creativity, knowledge, and skill by learning from me. I love teaching people about music! Choose an option below and let’s get started!

Private Lessons

Are you an aspiring harpist or pianist in the Nashville area? Are you looking for someone with a flexible schedule? Do you want an easy-going teacher who will still give you results? Come take private lessons from Meg. She is a patient, knowledgeable teacher with a commitment to helping her students attain their dreams.

Online Courses

Are you looking to improve your music? Your creativity? Your knowledge? Your ability to play? Do your want your listeners to say, “Wow! How did you do that? You brought me to tears and also made me smile?” Meg has online courses for you to help you understand music – from the fundamentals of theory (without the boring professor lectures and text books) to the intricacies of bringing your own touch to your music.

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