Putting the Passion Back in Music

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Enhance your musical storytelling with this drama technique

Music is as dramatic and emotive as a play or a movie. Actors and musicians spend a lot of time trying to convey messages to their audiences. Our job is to help our audience feel empathy - that they’re not alone, that we get it - and that requires displaying emotion....

Find the Point of Your Music Using This Art Technique

Ever have a piece that you’ve been required to learn, where you listen and wonder, “What was the author on?” You can’t find the point of it; it’s really repetitive or the melody is bizarre and hard to follow. You try your best, you really do, but the piece is just a...

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Hi, I’m Meg!

I help musicians of all levels infuse their passion, their heart, and their unique touch into the music they play. And I do so with whimsy.

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