Meet Meg

If I could guess one thing about you, I’d say you’re a music lover.
You have an instrument (or twelve) you love dearly, or you have a burning desire to learn an instrument. But…


Life is busy and loud and draining. Your music is suffering. You play, but it feels empty – the spark and passion are gone. You have ideas you want to share, but they just won’t come out. You practice faithfully, but your instrument won’t sing for you anymore. Or maybe you’re the one not talking to your instrument. Playing has become: tedious, boring, frustrating, hard, lifeless, uninteresting, draining, a chore, no fun, and the list goes on. You’re burnt out.


You. Want. More.

And rightly so! Your music used to convey your heart and your ideas. Music touches people in ways nothing else can, in a language without words. You want that influence again. You want to express the inexpressible. But you’re stuck in this desert of no music. You’re creativity has run dry. Your muse has fled, and you can’t find her. Is there any hope of getting that passion and creativity back?


I’ve been there. For FOUR years.

There is a way out – a way to bring the passion back to your music. You CAN do it. You can be a thriving, happy, creative musician again. I believe there are ideas and messages in you that need to come out, because they could change lives.


I’m here to help you achieve those goals.

My name is Meg Boulden, and I am passionate about bringing creativity back into everyone’s life. I’m a daughter of the living God, the wife of a singer/songwriter, a mother of two, a freelance harpist, a lover of the Arts, and a dabbler in all of them. I love my family life and making it creative.

My passion for the arts began long before I can remember. My interest in the harp was sparked by Harpo Marx, an old comedian my dad enjoyed watching. Finally, at twelve years old, my dream became a reality when my parents and grandparents enabled me to begin harp lessons at the Peabody Preparatory in Baltimore. After six years at the Preparatory and graduating high school, I continued studying at the University of Maryland. In those years, I also developed my art in many mediums, my drama skills, and my dancing. After a few moves, the Lord led me and my husband to settle in Nashville, Tennessee.

My creativity was always a HUGE part of who I am. When I got into college, my harp teacher was excellent and challenged me, but in the process of growing and developing more skills, I lost my creativity. I’d never not wanted to play music, but that day arrived.

This went on for four years, and to be honest, I’m still recovering a bit. I’ve put in the hard work of figuring out how to bring my creativity back. I’ve been in the desert of having my biggest passion run dry. I’ve felt lost and depressed. I know what it’s like to be here.


That’s what I want to change for you.

I want you to get to where you want to go. I want to give you a map so you can get to your oasis. You will be able to create again, to play again, to express those deep ideas.

You can begin your journey back to creativity through my blog, online courses, webinars, and emails.

I look forward to seeing what is inside of you that wants to come out.

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