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Enhance your musical storytelling with this drama technique

Music is as dramatic and emotive as a play or a movie. Actors and musicians spend a lot of time trying to convey messages to their audiences. Our job is to help our audience feel empathy - that they’re not alone, that we get it - and that requires displaying emotion....

Find the Point of Your Music Using This Art Technique

Ever have a piece that you’ve been required to learn, where you listen and wonder, “What was the author on?” You can’t find the point of it; it’s really repetitive or the melody is bizarre and hard to follow. You try your best, you really do, but the piece is just a...


Hire a Harpist

Looking for the perfect finishing touch for your special day? Meg plays for a variety of events and enjoys bringing her special touch to each one. She is flexible and willing to do whatever she can to make your dream event become a reality.

Take Lessons

Are you an aspiring harpist or pianist in the Nashville area? Do you need a teacher with a flexible schedule? Meg is a patient, knowledgeable teacher with a commitment to helping her students attain their dreams, however large or small.

Learn Online

Are you looking to improve your music? Creativity? Knowledge? Meg has online courses to help you understand music – from the fundamentals of theory (without boring text books) to the intricacies of putting your own touch in your music.

About Meg

I help musicians of all levels infuse their passion, their heart, and their unique touch into the music they play. And I do so with whimsy.


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